Friday, November 11, 2011

Alphaquiz # 12

Alphaquiz # 12

1. The Friedrich Method is the top choice of the majority players in solving what puzzle game?

2. As of date what is the highest grossing Bollywood film of all time?

3. The Capitalist Tool is the motto of which publishing and media company?

4. Who first translated and published the Qur'an into an English version in I649?

5. Which American singer, musician and record producer is dubbed as the "mother of hip hop"?

6. What first-person shooter video game features the voices of Sam Worthington, Ed Harris, Gary Oldman and Ice cube?

7. What multinational computer company was founded during an April Fools day in 1976?

8. What movie cast Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Seth Rogen, and Owen Wilson together?

9. Swetambara and Digambara are the two main sects of what religion?

10. What is the only country in Africa that is NOT a memmber of the African Union?

11. Who starred as the lead role in a 2004 movie based on Marvel comics and in 2009 as the lead role in a movie based on DC Comics?

12. According to the Imperva study in 2010 what is the most commonly used computer password?

13. What is the name of the nerve located in the wrist is usually cut by someone who commited suicide?

14. The Borg-Warner Trophy is given to the winner of what prestigious competition?

15. What is the name of the Filipino baby chosen by the United Nations as the symbolic representation of the 7 billionth person born in the world in October 31, 2011?

16. What breed of cat is the famous Garfield?

17. Mount Obama is the highest peak of what island-nation?

18. Katy Perry provided the voice for the only female character in what 2011 3D family film?

19. Sándor Palace is the official residence of the president of what European country?

20. Which Catholic saint's feast coincides during Christmas day?


1. Rubik's Cube
2. 3 Idiots
3. Forbes
4. Alexander Ross
5. Slyvia Robinson
6. Call of Duty: Black Ops
7. Apple
8. Anchorman: The Legend of Roy Burgundy
9. Jainism
10. Morocco
11. Thomas Jane
12. 123456
13. Cubital vein
14. Indianapolis 500
15. Danica May Camacho
16. Tabby
17. Antigua and Barbuda
18. Smurfs
19. HUngary
20. St. Anastasia