Friday, July 8, 2011

Alpha-picture quiz # 2

                                                 1.Identify the infamous logo of a group.
                                             HINT: Notorious high-tech group..

                                                   2. Identify the young actress.
                HINT: Australian actress starred in an "adventure" film with Jonny Depp

                                                 3. Identify the villains group name.
                                        HINT: From  a famous anime.

                                                            4. Identify the cello player.
                                                    HINT: His first name is a kind of a toy.

                                                             5. Identify the multi-tool.
                                             HINT:Originally called "Mr. Crunch" while in development.

                                                          6. Identify the UNESCO Heritage Site
                                               HINT: One of the five UNESCO Heritage Sites in Libya.

                                                             7. Identify the mobile game.
                                                     HINT: Developed by Rovio Mobile for Iphone

                                                           8. Identify the painting.
                                                HINT: Only sold painting of the artist during his lifetime.

                                                              9. Identify the car logo
                                                      HINT: Italian luxury car manufacturer

                                                               10. Identify the author
                                                  HINT: he is the sixth best selling author of all time
ANSWERS: 1. LulzSec 2. Mia Wasokowska 3. Nauto 4. Yoyo Ma 5. Leatherman Tool 6. Leptis Magna 7. Angry Birds 8. Red Vineyard 9. Maserati 10. Sydney Sheldon

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